Get To Know Us: Global Home Solutions

Get to know us: Global Home Solutions

Global Home Solutions is an energy efficiency company, based in Newcastle, Sydney and Central Coast. We specialise in helping home owners and business owners make their homes and offices more energy efficient which is great for cutting waste, saving money and helping the environment.

We do this by understanding how you are using energy.

This includes big appliances, what time in the day you’re using the most energy, and the building itself.
Then we go through a small education process, we walk you through our products and the benefits, to help you be smarter with your power consumption.

In most cases, there are simple things we can fix right away to stop wating energy. That’s why one of the most valuable things we do for our customers, is our free home energy assessment, with an energy efficiency technician.


Home and Commercial Assessments

We will come to your home or office and assess how you’re currently using energy in your environment. It’s great if you have a couple of recent bills ready for us to look at. Straight away we’re able to see how best we can help you. Everyone is different, it depends on the building materials, the interior, your big appliances, how many people, what you’re using and how often you’re using it.


Then, we identify the right products for the right people, to make sure you only get what you need but importantly you see value for money and return on investment as soon as possible.

Everyone wants a few extra dollars at the end of the month, which at the end of the year can mean thousands of dollars in savings. For normal families and small businesses a few extra dollars at the end of the month can make a big difference.

We prioritise helping you cut your energy bill so you can see results straight away.

When we see our customers send through their bills and tell us how much they were able to save, this means the world to us. Not only are we able to help people save money but at the end of the day,  we care about creating a sustainable and greener future for everyone.

LED Lights

They are extremely efficient and consume up to 90% less power than incandescent light bulbs. LEDs use a fraction of energy so there is a dramatic difference in your energy bill right away. You will see a decrease in cost. Plus you’ll save energy in maintenance and replacement because the LED life span is longer.


Innovative Aussie technology Ventis, enables you to warm or cool your home using the air from either the roof space or from outside. Ventis can reduce your reliance on air conditioning units or existing heating and cooling systems. The running cost is approximately one tenth of an air conditioner, and is designed to purify the air through a medical grade filter, eliminate allergens, remove pollution, reduce moisture, mould growth, and nasty smells.


Sub Floor Ventilation

The purpose of sub floor ventilation is to replace moist or damp air regularly with fresh dry air. This ventilation uses fans to extracts moisture, remove damp and stale air, it can help protect your home from mould and polluted air.

Double Glazing

Upgrading your windows creates an additional insulated barrier between inside and outside. This works by trapping air between two panes of glass. Double glazing prevents heat loss or gain through the window, it keeps out noise pollution and reduces condensation.


The right insulation can act as a barrier to the flow of air inside and outside. In winter this can keep your home warmer and in summer, it can help keep your home cooler. A well-insulated and well-designed home or office provides year round comfort, and can dramatically improve the cost of bills to heat and cool your home.

Solar Systems

Solar energy is a good alternative to reducing our reliance on fossil fuels. The sun is available to us in abundance and for free. Solar panels harness the power from the sun and convert it to electricity.


Micro Inverters

The inverters are attached to each solar panel and are the crucial element in turning sun light into electricity. They allow each panel to work independently to provide optimum energy output.


The electronic device chances direct current into alternating current. For homes that have no shading issues, they are a great and sometimes cheaper asset to harness the power from the sun.

You can get energy efficiency products at such reasonable prices now, that the return on investment is quite quick in comparison to what you would pay for your electricity.

If you’re looking to become more energy efficient, or you would like to cut your bills we are able to provide you with a comprehensive energy assessment and actionable steps to achieve your goals.

Why We Love Energy Efficiency

We’re passionate about helping normal families and our environment. Global Home Solutions Directors saw that local home owners and commercial businesses weren’t getting the right results from energy efficiency products.

We look to help homeowners and business owners understand how they’re using energy day to day. When we can properly understand energy consumption we can help people get the right products and solutions. No two homes use power the same way. Some families use a lot of energy during the day while others usage may vary.

Our Installation Process

When you are happy to proceed with an energy efficiency solution with, this may be all products or just one or two, our office will process your paperwork and organise your installation. We will install on a date convenient to you, either in the morning from 7.30am or afternoon from 12pm.

Our installation team are in-house. This sounds like a small thing – but it makes a big difference to our customers. The in-house team are experts, professional and knowledgeable. Each team has an electrician, a roofer and a labourer. The team will walk you through the installation process so everyone’s on the same page.

We’re able to promise a level of customer service that includes the little things; like cleaning up after ourselves, not walking mud through your property and taking the time before we leave to give you detailed instructions on how your system is working.

After Care

Sometimes there may be a technical fault on your system or you may have a question, we pride ourselves on our post installation care. We ensure you receive all your warranty details, your login details for your Enlighten program and we help you set this up and monitor your system as part of the normal process. We are available over the phone and via email if you have a question regarding how your system is working and we offer ongoing support to ensure you’re getting the most from your system or products. A small added bonus is that we’re local and can pop over to help you in person when needed.


If you choose to purchase a solar system with us, this is monitored by our head office customer service team. We are alerted if your system comes offline, stops producing energy or if you lose internet connection. We will contact you if something has happened and often are able to rectify normal errors, with over the phone technical support, within 48 hours of the initial alert.